Gkeybox - Website selling fake UGGS

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bought pair of UGG boots from this website...www.gkeybox.com...they are fakes.I obviously didn't know at the time of purchase that this type of black market existed for these boots, don't make the sme mistake.

I even made the mistake of thinking that since I was paying through PayPal that I would be covered if anything went wrong.

Apparentley you are only covered 100% through PayPal when the transaction is done through Ebay.This company is based in China and does a good job of producing these fakes to look just like the real thing.

Review about: Ugg Classic Short Boots.



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anyone who bought these CAN cancel their order through paypal!i just did!

:) i always wanted to order their ugg boots but never did. then i just saw their chi iron on the website and ordered it. then i found reviews saying they are all fakes and this site cannot be trusted. they only accept paypal i think.

but they have an unconfirmed email address. which means you can log into your paypay account and cancel your order before they try to claim it. i'm so glad i did.

hope this helps others.-nicole

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